Advanced Technology

At Marietta Dental Professionals, we pride ourselves on offering our patients state-of-the-art, affordable care so everyone can get the top class treatment they deserve. Our Marietta, GA clinic has invested in the latest advanced technology offering you precise, fast and effective dental care. From digital x-rays to 3D imaging, our new equipment allows us to plan out your treatment in a straightforward manner. Want to learn more about how you can benefit from our advanced dental technology? Book an appointment with us today, our expert dental team is looking forward to meeting you!

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are a safe and quick way for our dentists to get an overview of your mouth and assess the correct treatment for you. There are many benefits to digital x-rays including:

  • Quick processing time – Digital x-rays can be shared with the patient almost instantly on a computer, cutting down on the development time of older film x-rays.
  • Easily stored – Film x-rays often would fade overtime if exposed to harsh temperatures. Digital x-rays can be kept on the patient’s digital records intact and sent to insurance companies much easier, as no physical copy is required.
  • A greener option – No photo processing chemicals are required for digital x-rays, making it a more environmentally friendly option.
  • Safer – Digital x-rays produce a fraction of the radiation used in film x-rays making it an all round safer option.

We are proud to offer digital x-ray technology to our patients ensuring a safe and comfortable treatment for all ages. To learn more, visit us at our Marietta, GA clinic and have a chat with our dental team. We are always happy to help!

Intraoral TRIOS/iTero Scanner

Our intraoral TRIOS and iTero scanners take the hassle out of restorative dental treatments such as bridges, crowns and implants. These high-precision machines will produce quality impressions of your teeth using CAD/CAM technology to produce exact 3D images of your mouth, allowing us to plan the fit, shape and color of your dental restoration. To learn more about this fast and effective treatment, book an appointment with Marietta Dental Professionals today.

Panoramic 3D Cone Beam

The incredible 3D cone beam x-ray produces images of the teeth, gums, tissue nerves and surrounding bone in a single scan. This panoramic, non-invasive treatment is extremely quick and effective and can be used in a range of dental treatments, such as: 

  • Accurate placement of dental implants. 
  • Planning for tooth extractions.
  • Thorough evaluation of your jaw, sinuses, and nasal cavity.
  • Planning for sleep apnea.
  • Detecting mouth and oral cancers.
  • Provides an in depth knowledge of mouth tissue and bone structure.
  • Locating and treatment planning of tooth and mouth pain.
  • Planning certain reconstructive and cosmetic dentist treatments.

To learn more about this technology and how it can benefit you, book an appointment and come see us at our Marietta, GA clinic today!

Isolite Suctioning Device

Dental isolation is an important factor in all dental procedures, helping to minimize contamination. The Isolite suctioning device safely tucks the patient’s tongue out of the way and keeps the mouth open, allowing the dentist to have complete control and visibility while they perform the treatment. A built-in light function allows the dentist to illuminate the treatment area and protect the cheek and tongue from dental instruments. This device eliminates the need for cotton rolls and rubber dams, allowing preparation of  the treatment area with one simple device.  

Soft Tissue Dental Laser

At our Marietta, GA clinic we have invested in the Precise LTM diode laser, the latest technology in soft tissue care. Soft tissue treatment can often be invasive and lengthy, but that is now a thing of the past thanks to these specialized dental lasers. This device can be used for gum disease treatment, gum contouring and oral surgery offering a non-invasive alternative to more advanced dental procedures. 

Intraoral Camera

The intraoral camera is a convenient hand-held camera that produces images of your teeth, letting us view hard to reach areas of the mouth effectively. The imagery can be projected onto the computer screen in real-time giving you the ability to follow your treatment all from the comfort of the dental chair.

Electronic Dental Records

Marietta Dental Professionals are happy to be a paperless office, ensuring the safety and confidentiality of our patients by keeping all dental records stored electronically. Not only is it more economically sound, but it also allows us to keep your complete dental history in one easily accessible file. 

To learn more about our digital advancements and how they can optimize your dental care, contact our Marietta, GA office today. We are happy to go through the range of dental digital technology available for you!

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