How Much Do You Know About Oral Cancer?

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As your trusted dental team in Marietta, we care about every aspect of your smile. While our services are tailored to protect the health of your mouth or improve the appearance of your teeth, we also recognize the importance of identifying oral cancer. Oral cancer can affect any area of the mouth including the lips,… Continue reading


Dental discoloration can occur for many reasons in both adult and pediatric patients. However, parents may be alarmed when they notice a tooth that is spotted with chalky white or even creamy yellow despite good oral hygiene. Enamel hypoplasia should be considered as a possible diagnosis in this case. Enamel hypoplasia is an enamel defect… Continue reading

Know These Facts About Your TMJ

Nearly 10 million people in the United States suffer from TMJ disorder? Your TMJ, also known as your temporomandibular joint, is one of the most important and most used joints in your entire body. You TMJ not only connects your jaw to your skull, but this joint on either side of your face also allows… Continue reading

Gum Health and Heart Health

Are you paying attention to your gums? Not only are the gums the foundation of your smile, but their health can also impact your heart. According to Harvard Health, people with gum disease have two to three times the risk of having a heart attack, stroke or other serious cardiovascular event. If you have not… Continue reading

The Link Between Gum Disease and Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a heartbreaking disease marked by the progressive loss of memory and other mental functions. More than 3 million cases of this incurable disease exist in the United States each year. While there are multiple theories about what causes Alzheimer’s, recent research has revealed a possible link between Alzheimer’s and gum disease. The same… Continue reading

Sedation Dentistry for Kids

Does your child have a legitimate fear or anxiety about going to the dentist? To avoid a traumatic experience, it may be best to consider sedation dentistry. Contrary to what you may think, sedation dentistry is available and safe for both children and adults. One of the most widely used forms of sedation dentistry used… Continue reading

Understanding Your Teething Baby

Baby teeth start making their entrance around six months of age, but don’t be alarmed if it happens much sooner or later. While teething is often associated with a fussy baby, there are things you can do as a parent to make your baby (and yourself) more comfortable and peaceful. Keep in mind that, like… Continue reading

What Is Molar Cupping?

If you notice indentions or craters on the surfaces of your back teeth, you may be experiencing molar cupping. Molar cupping can be a telltale sign of acid erosion or bruxism (teeth grinding). In either case, you’ll need to adjust your habits to prevent further damage to your smile. If you have molar cupping, also… Continue reading

How to Avoid Dental Implant Failure

Dental implants have been around for over three decades. Since then, they continue to revolutionize dentistry by providing a superior treatment option for replacing missing teeth. Dental implants carry a remarkable success rate of over 95%. However, they are not completely foolproof. Although quite rare, if a dental implant is going to fail, it typically… Continue reading

Importance of Dental Visits During Orthodontics

Time in braces typically means frequent visits to your orthodontist. You may even be going on a monthly basis. However, don’t assume that these appointments are a substitute for your routine dental care. Your orthodontist is not your dentist. An orthodontist is trained and qualified to examine the position of your teeth and treat alignment… Continue reading

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