While it can be exciting to lose a tooth as a child, it is not a welcome experience as an adult. Still, there are many reasons why patients can lose their adult teeth. Whether you had a tooth knocked out during an injury or had to have an extraction due to severe decay, we can help you find the replacement solution you need to regain a confident smile. Marietta Dental Professionals offers excellence in restorative dentistry. In fact, our dentists are equipped to offer a variety of restorative options for missing teeth, including leading solutions that mimic your natural teeth in look, feel and function.

Complete Dental Restorations

Whether you want to replace a single missing tooth or need a full mouth reconstruction, we can help you. In fact, you won’t need to be referred out to a specialist or make multiple office visits around town to complete your smile restoration. Our talented dentists are prepared to offer complete dental restorations in the comfort of our East Cobb office. Using the latest 3D digital imaging, we can help patients get the most precise and comfortable fit for their artificial teeth.

Marietta Dental Professionals offers the following options in restorative dentistry:

If you have missing teeth, we highly recommend replacement sooner rather than later. Neglecting to replace a gapped smile in a timely manner could result in shifting teeth, bone loss and other consequences to your oral health. We promise to make the process easy and rewarding when you choose us for your restorative treatment. Teeth replacement is a long-term investment towards your appearance, your health and your quality of life. You can trust that we will go out of our way to help you understand your specific options. Our Marietta practice also offers valued financing options to make your dentures or dental implants more affordable.

Contact Marietta Dental Professionals today to learn more about restorative dentistry from a team of dedicated and experienced dentists in East Cobb. You deserve a complete smile!