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Teeth Whitening

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When it comes to the appearance of your teeth, a white and brilliant hue is undoubtedly desirable. Unfortunately, there are many factors that make it difficult to retain a white smile. Whether it’s the natural aging process or your coffee habit, we can reverse your tooth stains at Marietta Dental Professionals with cosmetic dentistry. Our East Cobb practice has proudly invested in the latest and most proven teeth whitening technology available. Our dentists offer both take-home and in-office whitening options for your convenience. In fact, we use two of the best professional whitening systems on the market.


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Want to reverse your yellow smile and take years off your appearance? Need to enhance your smile before a big event? Look no further, as KöR Whitening is the perfect teeth whitening system.

KöR Whitening offers an amazingly safe and reliable way to whiten your teeth. KöR Whitening is also highly efficient as a result of the combination of in-office and take-home treatment. At Marietta Dental Professionals, we will determine a custom teeth whitening plan just for you. Our dentists can combine in-office treatment and comfortable take-home trays to give you the whitest smile possible.

With KöR Whitening, you can achieve the bright smile you’ve always wanted without having to worry about sensitivity. You can continue to drink coffee, tea or wine. The process is relatively short and very easy. It even works on dark-stained teeth. KöR Whitening is completely safe for teeth and gums. KöR Whitening does not just whiten the surface of your teeth, it whitens teeth from the inside out.

The take-home trays are comfortable to wear. They are uniquely designed to block saliva and sulcular fluid from coming into contact with your teeth. Saliva and sulcular fluid are two substances that often interfere with over the counter whitening products. These substances may be the reason the whitening strips you purchased didn’t give you the results you wanted. While clinical research has shown normal whitening trays are only effective for 25-35 minutes, KöR Whitening trays are able to provide up to 6 to 8 hours of whitening activity.

We are proud to offer the most innovative and best whitening product on the market today. Many of our patients have had great success with their KöR Whitening treatment plans and sessions. Don’t wait any longer. Professional teeth whitening is easy and affordable. Contact Marietta Dental Professionals to make an appointment today!

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