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4 Reasons to Have Wisdom Teeth Removed

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Your “wisdom teeth” are the final set of molars to develop — usually for people between the teens and twenties — and some of the most common teeth that people have extracted.

While not everyone needs to have their 3rd set of molars extracted, there are situations where Marietta Dental Professionals may recommend wisdom teeth removal, even if you or your child isn’t in pain. Here’s why:

The Tooth Next to Them is in Jeopardy
Due to lack of space in the jaws, wisdom teeth often push against the adjacent teeth. This can make your neighboring (and healthy) tooth more prone to dying, developing cavities, or becoming infected with gum disease. Instead of jeopardizing the healthy tooth, it’s better to remove the one causing the problems.

Protect Your Orthodontic Investment
For people who wore braces at a younger age, having wisdom teeth come in may mean their other teeth getting pushed together all over again. Removing them prevents that crowding from happening.

They’re Partially Impacted/Erupted
Wisdom teeth are hard to clean, especially if they’re only partially erupted. Their location is difficult to reach with a toothbrush and floss. Because of this, it is better to proactively remove them before they can interfere with the health of other teeth.

You’re in Pain
Are you experiencing pain or swelling in the back of your mouth? It could be that the wisdom tooth is pushing against a nerve or other teeth.

Our Marietta dentists are happy to assess you (or your teen’s) wisdom teeth and give you advice regarding their outlook. Call Marietta Dental Professionals today to schedule your no-pressure consultation.

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