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5 Reasons You Might Need a Dental Crown

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Some folks opt for gold caps to make a fashion statement. But more importantly, dental crowns play a big role in keeping teeth healthy and functional. Here are some reasons you may qualify for a dental crown.

Your tooth is cracked.

A fracture may or may not hurt at the time, but it almost always spells trouble if left untreated. Dental caps are the best way to keep a tooth in one piece!

You have a huge cavity.

Sometimes, the decay is too far advanced to be stopped with a filling. A crown provides structural support and protection to a tooth compromised by a filling.

You grind your teeth.

You could be wearing down your tooth without even realizing it. A habit of grinding your teeth, which often happens during sleep, can wear the protective enamel clean off a tooth. A dental cap or two can save what’s left of your teeth.

You need a root canal.

After getting a root canal, your tooth will be significantly weaker than it was before. A crown will help it hold up to the forces of chewing.

Your old fillings are breaking down.

If your tooth is currently a patchwork of deteriorating restorations, then it could be a ticking time bomb. It’s just a matter of time until your tooth fractures or loses filling or develops new decay at the margins.

A dental crown is a more reliable option than attempting to patch on more fillings over old ones.

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