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4 Signs that a Dental Implant May Be Right for You

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A dentist is working on a model of a tooth.

Thinking about getting an implant? Here are a few signs that now could be the right time.

You have excellent oral hygiene.

Dental implants need just as much care and cleaning as regular teeth. If anything, they need a little more special attention. Letting the gum tissues around an implant get inflamed is a sure way to compromise it.

So if you have a good habit now of keeping your teeth clean, then you’ll do well with an implant.

You don’t smoke.

It is possible to get an implant even if you do smoke. But smoking does lower the chances of a successful procedure. Placing an implant requires having healthy tissues with good vascularization. You need a healthy blood flow for your body to accept and heal around an implant.

Smoking reduces normal blood flow and this can dangerously delay healing time. If you already don’t smoke or are on track to quitting, then this is another point in your favor.

Your jaw is finished growing.

Dental implants need to be permanently rooted in one place. They don’t do well in small mouths that are still developing. As long as your jaw is mature, you can think about implants.

You want a permanent solution.

Hate the idea of having a removable denture? Are your fingers already tired out when you think about cleaning a fixed bridge? Then you’re a prime candidate for a permanent implant.

Dental Implant Consultation in East Cobb, GA

You’ll need x-rays and other special imaging to find out whether an implant would take well in your jaw. One of our Marietta dentists would be happy to help you out. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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