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Got Bad Breath? See Your Dentist First

Whether you on a date or in a business meeting, nothing can sabotage your confidence and success quicker than bad breath. If you frequently struggle with foul breath odor or halitosis, we understand the importance of finding effective relief. True, long-term halitosis treatment can be found at your dentist and not by popping a peppermint in your mouth after eating garlic. In fact, halitosis is often rooted in a dental health issue, whether it is decay, infection or simply poor oral hygiene. If there’s one place you shouldn’t cover up your bad breath, it’s at the dentist. Your dentist may be the only one who can determine the culprit to your embarrassing breath odor and provide a plan for lasting relief.

What Does Bad Breath Mean?

While others may back away or wince at your breath odor, halitosis does not mean you are an unclean person. Halitosis is typically a result of a dental health condition that has been gradually building over time. Therefore, it is common to have bad breath even if you brushed your teeth just hours before. In many cases, halitosis is a warning sign that an underlying oral health issue is brewing. A dentist may determine your foul breath is a result of the following:

  • Dry Mouth
  • Excessive Oral Bacteria (Poor Oral Hygiene)
  • Untreated Decay
  • Gum Disease
  • Abscess or Infection

The above conditions are issues that need to be treated promptly. For example, untreated gum disease and tooth decay can lead to tooth loss. In the majority of patients, however, halitosis is a “wake-up call” that oral hygiene needs to be better. When bacteria, food debris and plaque don’t get removed from the teeth, gums and tongue, the bacteria breeds and produces a stinky sulfur compound in the process. Getting rid of your bad breath could be as simple as brushing your tongue, flossing or visiting your dentist for a professional dental cleaning.

Why Breath Mints Don’t Work

It is common to reach for mints or chewing gum when your breath odor goes south. You should know that this habit may temporarily freshen your breath but make your halitosis worse in the long-run. Mints add sugars to your mouth, which can give bacteria the fuel it needs to multiply. Instead, considering asking one of our skilled dentists at Marietta Dental Professionals about halitosis treatment. A healthy smile is one that is confident and fresh! Don’t let bad breath ruin your relationships or career. Get help from a Marietta dentist today.

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