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Wanting The Best For Your Child’s Growing Smile

A young boy is sitting in a dentist's chair.

There is nothing like your child’s smile.  It is precious, beaming up at you from above whatever enormous mess he’s just made or grinning at you from the apex of her swing.

Your child’s smile is the embodiment of joy and love, and you want to do everything you can to keep it healthy.

Get the Right Start

Before your infant even has teeth, get him used to having something clean his mouth after eating. Use a soft, damp washcloth or one of the fingertip brushes to gently wipe off the gums.

Don’t put a bottle of milk in the crib with him, as the sugars in the milk can lead to “baby bottle decay” or “bottle rot” in his sweet baby teeth.

Once those teeth start coming in, make your child’s first appointment with the dentist.

At Marietta Dental Professionals, our early goals with little children is to get them comfortable with the dentist, the experience, the “pictures”, and the overall environment. We’ll go at your child’s pace to keep him happy. If your little one is more comfortable sitting in your lap for the exam, then that’s where he can stay!

Changing Needs

As they grow, your child’s dental needs will change. They’ll need to begin regular brushing and flossing, and fluoride treatments with their cleanings. We even recommend sealants for the molars to protect the bite surface from new cavities, as permanent teeth come in.

No matter how old your child is, Marietta Dental Professionals wants to provide the best dental care possible. Call our office today to set your child’s next appointment.  Set one for yourself while you’re at it; we can treat your entire family!

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