How to Lessen Enamel Erosion after Drinking Soda

We have decided to provide some tips to lessen the acidic erosion that certain sodas have on tooth enamel! Below are three tips to help protect your beautiful smile:

  • Drink soda through a straw. Using a straw will limit the contact that soda will have on teeth. The less contact soda has with your teeth, the less amount of citric acid will come in contact with your teeth. Also, do not swish the soda around in your mouth as that will increase the soda’s contact with your teeth.
  • Do not brush your teeth immediately. You should wait at least one hour to brush your teeth after drinking soda. Brushing before an hour has elapsed could lead to damage to enamel weakened by drinking soda.
  • Avoid soda with sugar and citric acid. Sugar will help feed the bacteria in your mouth, and citric acid will weaken your tooth enamel.