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The Best Way to Whiten Your Teeth

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Most of us are in constant search of the perfectly white smile. But for you, that glittering grin may seem to be just out of reach.

It can be frustrating to try so many different techniques for whitening your teeth but never get the results you’re looking for.

Why does this happen? And what is the best way to lighten your tooth color?

Over-the-Counter Limitations

There’s no end to DIY whitening kits, strips, and rinses available at the supermarket. But these treatments just scratch the surface. They often rely on abrasives that scrub away stains on the outside of your tooth. Some contain chemicals like peroxide that do bleach teeth, it’s just that the ingredients are kept to a safe and often conservative concentration.

So what do you try next?

The Efficient Way to Whiten

A professional teeth whitening treatment is likely your best option. Those drugstore products may help if you have very little stain or just want to maintain your tooth color. But a professional procedure uses prescription-only formulas to get you real results, fast.

Whitening your teeth in a dental office gets you better results because stronger products are administered by professionals. This way, you get maximum whitening power applied in a safe manner.

If you’re interested in teeth bleaching in Marietta, then you may want to try one of these:

  • KӧR Whitening (take-home kit with professional-grade bleach)
  • ZOOM! Professional Whitening System (rapid in-office procedure)

On occasion, there is that stubborn tooth which won’t lighten, no matter what. Those are the ones that are best covered up with a dental veneer or crown, to match your ideal smile.

To find out which whitening method is right for you, schedule a smile consultation with the Marietta Dental Professionals.

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