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Is It Smart To Remove Your Wisdom Teeth?

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Is It Smart to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth?

The quick answer is that it depends on a number of factors.

If your wisdom teeth do not cause you pain and are positioned correctly in the back of your mouth, then it may not be necessary to have the wisdom teeth removed.

If your wisdom teeth are not positioned correctly aka impacted or they are causing pain, infection, or crowding of your other teeth, then you may need to have those wisdom teeth removed. If wisdom teeth are not positioned correctly, they could push into – and cause damage to – neighboring teeth. Other issues caused by wisdom teeth are jaw damage, sinus issues, cavities, inflamed gums, and alignment issues.

Other factors that go into deciding whether you should have your wisdom teeth are the shape of your mouth and your age. If you have a small mouth, you will not have room for you wisdom teeth to grow, so removal may be necessary. There is no right age to have your wisdom teeth removed, but the earlier the procedure is done the quicker the healing process will be. Teeth and bone harden with age, which make the procedure a bit more difficult and the recovery a little longer.

If you have questions about wisdom teeth, please feel to contact us so we can provide you with a consult to discuss your options. We can provide you with a proper examination and treatment plan if wisdom tooth removal is necessary.

You can also ask whether you have wisdom teeth or not. Some people do not grow wisdom teeth. Don’t worry though. Not having wisdom teeth does not make you any less smart!

Fun Fact: Many linguists believe wisdom teeth developed their name because they appear later in life, when a person matures and becomes wiser. This reason is in comparison to how early a person’s other teeth appear.

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