4 Ways to Make Your Dental Crown Last Longer

Dental crowns are one of the most popular and versatile solutions in modern dentistry. A crown is a “cap” for a damaged or unsightly tooth. It covers all visible surfaces of a tooth to restore its strength and function while also improving its appearance and protecting it from future harm.  Patients may receive a dental crown to correct a cosmetic flaw or when a tooth is damaged beyond what a dental filling can repair. Crowns are customized in shape, color and form to create a seamless and natural-looking blend within your smile.

One of the highlighted features of a dental crown is durability. However, to ensure your crown has a maximum lifespan, it is important to care for it properly. While a crown can be repaired or replaced if needed, you can follow a few simple rules to prevent damage to your original dental crown and avoid extra visits to you dentist.

You can expect your dental crown to last longer if you adhere to the following:

#1 Avoid Sticky and Hard Foods

Crowns are remarkably strong. However, just like your natural teeth, they can break, chip or crack when chomping down on extra hard foods, candies or ice. Sticky foods can be an equal threat to your dental crown condition. When sticky bits of food get trapped between your crown and your gums, the support system of the dental crown can weaken and cause the crown to loosen or become unstable.

#2 Brush and Floss

Many patients falsely assume that their dental crown doesn’t need brushing and flossing since it is not made of natural tooth structures. This can be a costly mistake. While your crown may be “artificial,” it still has a real tooth inside. This means you still need to brush and floss around your crown, especially in the area when the crown meets your gum line. Lingering plaque and bacteria around your crown can invite infection and decay into your smile and sabotage the lifespan of your dental crown.

#3 Kick Bad Habits

If you bite your nails, crunch ice or grind your teeth on a regular basis, your teeth and dental crown are at significant risk for damage. Stopping these habits altogether is best. However, if you are struggling to address your teeth grinding habit while you sleep, consider getting a custom nightguard from your dentist to protect your dental crown and the rest of your smile.

#4 See Your Dentist Regularly

Having routine checkups and cleanings every six months is essential for optimal oral health. These visits are also important to extending your dental crown investment, as your dentist will make sure the gums around your crown are healthy and that your restoration is still “seated” and fitting properly.

At Marietta Dental Professionals, we are proud to offer beautiful custom dental crowns to our patients. We go one step further than most dentists by guaranteeing our dental crowns. As long as our patients complete all other suggested or required treatments and attend recommended routine hygiene visits at our office, we are willing to guarantee our dental crowns and provide any repairs or replacement at no additional charge for the next five years. Call today to learn more about our valued 5-year guarantee on dental crowns in Marietta!