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Improved Dental Care with Isolite

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Modern dental technology offers unrivaled improvement in dental care. The Isolite system is one that benefits both the dentist and the patient in significant ways. Isolite is a handheld suctioning device with a soft, flexible mouthpiece that keeps you safe and comfortable during dental work. Not only does Isolite provide continuous suctioning of saliva, but it also offers bright, shadowless LED illumination to make the work environment more visible to your dentist.

Better Isolation Offers Valued Benefits for Patient and Dentist

Isolation is important for a dentist when repairing or restoring a specific tooth or teeth in your mouth. Isolite handles isolation with ease. Better isolation equals:

Better Dentistry
Any dentist can work better when they can see better. Since the Isolite provides extra lighting as well as more thorough suction, it keeps the work area cleaner, drier and more visible. This often translates to more precise preparations and stronger cement bonds when working with restorations and fillings.

Faster Dentistry
Without the need to stop and suction periodically, a dentist can work much faster. This means patients have shorter dental visits and can return to work or other daily activities much sooner.

More Comfortable Dentistry
A highlighted advantage is the added dimension of comfort that Isolite adds for the patient. There is no need to use past isolation methods like cotton rolls or rubber dams, which can often cause gagging and uncomfortable strain.

Safer Dentistry
Isolite comfortably shields the delicate oral tissues from sharp dental instruments. It has two flexible “wings” that wrap around your tongue and cheek to form a safe barrier.

At Marietta Dental Professionals, we proudly invest in the best technology of modern dentistry. We are constantly seeking ways to improve your dental care experience, and our Isolite System can certainly do that. To learn more about Isolite or other advanced technology at our dental office, please give us a call.

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