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Just like emergencies can happen to your physical body, they can happen to your oral health also. A broken or knocked out tooth, excessive bleeding or severe infection are examples of dental emergencies that warrant immediate treatment from your dentist. Our team at Marietta Dental Professionals are on hand to ensure you receive the best care in a relaxed, friendly environment. Whatever the emergency, we will find a solution to suit you.

Chipped Tooth Repair

Our teeth may be one of the hardest substances in our bodies, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be damaged. Chipped teeth can happen for a variety of reasons including:

  • Biting down on something hard
  • An impact to the face or mouth
  • Having dental cavities that weaken & damage the tooth

Whatever the reason, at our Marietta, GA clinic, we have a variety of options available to restore and strengthen your tooth. Some of our options include:

  • Dental Bonding – Restores chipped and cracked teeth for an even, polished look.
  • Dental Crown – Can completely restore the structure of the tooth.
  • Root Canal – If deeper damage has occurred a root canal can save the tooth structure and seal it for further protection.

If you experience any pain or sensitivity to your teeth, contact us as soon as possible. You may have a cracked or chipped tooth without realising, as some issues can go undetected.

Tooth & Jaw Pain

Tooth and jaw pain can occur for a number of reasons, from minor issues to severe infections that require treatment right away, including:

  • A toothache or tooth abscess
  • Teeth that are cracked, broken, or sensitive to temperature or pressure
  • Gum disease of any severity
  • Wisdom teeth erupting
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw
  • Swollen and painful gums

It is important to call our dentists right away if experiencing severe tooth and jaw pain. Some dental emergencies, such as pain caused by teeth grinding for example, are not as urgent as others who need immediate care. Our dental team can help distinguish between minor to severe dental emergencies and get you the correct treatment as soon as possible.

Common Dental Emergencies

  • Broken, cracked or knocked out tooth
  • Facial injuries
  • Swelling and/or excessive bleeding around teeth and gums
  • Abscess on any part of the gums
  • Severe facial or tooth pain

If you feel you are experiencing a dental emergency, our Marietta, GA office has made it easy for you with our flexible scheduling system allowing you to make an appointment when needed. For emergency treatment, contact Marietta Dental Professionals today, we can assess your issue over the phone and if needed, schedule you in on the same day for treatment.


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